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Запуск Genymotion и Xamarin Android Player на Windows 10

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Для всех у кого есть проблемы с запуском эмуляторов на Windows 10. Ссылка, которая мне помогла:

Цитата на всякий случай:

Step 1
If you previously installed Xamarin Player and already got the error message uninstall Xamarin Player and Virtual Box, then go to AppData/ and delete the complete XamarinPlayer directory.. At least make sure that under AppData there is NO longer any XamarinPlayer directory anymore available otherwise it won’t work.
Step 2
Download and install Xamarin Player But don’t start it yet after installation
Step 3
Download and install the latest Virtual Box version (5.x) just install it over the existing Virtual Box, it will clean and update automaticly the existing instance.
Step 4
Open Virtual Box and go to File->Preferences->Networking and go to the Virtual Host Only Tab.
Klik on edit for the one existing network adapter (the screwdriver) and make sure the it is set in the following way:

IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Network Mask:

DHCP Server;
Server Address:
Server Mask:
Lower Address Bound:
Upper Address Bound:

After this save settings and exit Virtual Box
Step 5
Launch Xamarin Android Player and start installing virtual machines available for download.
Now it will find the correctly configured host only network adapter.

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Written by Shaddix

Май 8th, 2016 at 1:33 пп

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